King Che



Che loves school alot


Che loves to treat his friends with respect


Che is very humble and easy going


Che loves to play the Piano


King Che Profile

Che Esson is an eight years old school boy whose interest includes everything artistic

Drawing is one of Che's many passions, From a very early age he would sit and draw images with variety of designs.

These images soon became very popular and thus demanded to be shared and so the idea was born to place them on T-Shirts

Che from the outset, expressed a creative and sartorial thrust, insisting on how he wanted his images and subsequent design to be presented .

Using the name 'King', a moniker he calls himself, the label 'King Che' was born.

And here the brand begins by introducing two hand-drawn organic T-Shirts: 'Pink Lady' and 'Orange Lady'.

These unique T's leave you wanting more...